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Discerning Digital

Based in the heart of Manchester, Discerning Digital is an independent company with international reach, leading digital transformation projects with businesses across industries and scales, in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

One of the UK's first digital transformation consultancies, we believe it is the right of every business to understand and exploit the extraordinary potential of the internet, and are committed to levelling the digital playing field.

We have worked with a range of organisations, from financial services to high technology to healthcare as despite their differences, these businesses share strategic goals - a need to grow and enter new markets and products, develop new revenue streams, protect their existing business and stay ahead of the competition.

Our team is dedicated and dynamic, with a diverse mix of backgrounds and skills, bringing together creativity and commercial acumen to help you take control of the digital opportunity.


Our Approach

We believe digital transformation needn't be obtuse - we work with businesses to identify their individual needs and objectives and suggest digital routes to achieving those goals - that's as complicated as transformation needs to be.

We help businesses articulate a clear digital strategy, create a roadmap for change and execute the plan in a controlled, timely manner, with key areas of risk minimised. 

Our strategic work is based on transparency, communication and trust, and we are not affiliated with specific technologies and platforms, ensuring our recommendations are always made solely on their fitness for purpose. 

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Ciara McVeigh


Phill Clark

Technical Innovation

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Kelly Burgess

Project Management

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Tony Wood

Associate - Data Governance

Our Network

Each of our transformational projects is unique and requires a bespoke approach. 

We're proud to be connected to a talented network of partners, whose expertise we can tap into to bring you the skills you require, at the time you need them.

This flexible, professional resource helps us stay reactive and agile to your needs.

Expert network

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Are you interested in developing your expertise and integrating yourself into new creative projects? If you've technical know-how and love a good challenge then we might just have a role for you...

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