Work With Us

We're always interested in new talent so that we can build more for our clients and get creative with our own projects too. 


How we work:

  • We work across a number of projects, liaising with a varied client base, so there's not much room for a groundhog day
  • We are based in Manchester City Centre, at King Street offices, where we work alongside lots of independent, creative and commercial companies inside a beautiful Grade II listed building 
  • We work with common languages including PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, NodeJS
  • We connect to databases including MySQL, MariaDB, DynamoDB
  • We mainly work in Amazon Web Services and their suite of products such as Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, Lambda, Route 53, DynamoDB, RDS, CloudWatch
  • We like to make use of open source technologies like WordPress and Bootstrap and pick up other technology as required, such as Git
  • Our work is based on transparency, communication and trust, and we are not affiliated with specific technologies and platforms, ensuring our recommendations to our clients are always made solely on their fitness for purpose
  • Our hours are flexible to suit the needs of our team, and those of our projects, with 25 days annual leave entitlement
  • We take considerable pride in our portfolio of work and work hard to exceed client expectations


How to apply:

Tell us about you! What have you done? Where have you been? And what are you interested in? We believe in the development of our team and like to balance work with playful and exploratory pursuits, let us know what's exciting you about the digital future. Specifically, we’d love to hear about a project you’re proud of: tell us about the brief, the problems it faced and the solutions you provided, and let us know where we can see it.

Send your details to Kelly for consideration 


We are not seeking the support of recruitment agencies; any CVs and other unsolicited communication received from agencies will be treated as our own information to use as we see fit, without the payment of fees.