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GDPR is Coming - It's Time to Unlock Your Data Opportunity

"The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest change to data protection law in a generation"

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, 2017

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming.

From 25 May 2018, EU citizens will have greater control over how businesses collect and use their personal data.

If you process or collect data from customers living anywhere within the EU, you must comply or face significant financial penalties.


Does GDPR apply to my business?


GDPR will apply to any business that uses information that could identify an individual, e.g name, address, medical details or any type of reference number or record.


Virtually all businesses use or collect personal data.



GDPR is everyone’s business.



Confused about your GDPR responsibilities?

Get fit for GDPR with our insight series

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The Key to Meeting the Challenge of GDPR

To begin, you need a clear and unified view of data moving in and out of your business.

Without this, getting fit for all other aspects of GDPR is significantly more difficult.

Data dashboard

Get Started with GDPR

We help businesses like yours connect their datapoints to meet the challenges of GDPR and build a customer-centric future

Data solutions




Our data products and packages will transform data processing across your business and supply chain, for unrivalled speed, security and efficiency.


We pull together your data streams into one view, helping you meet key GDPR obligations and creating a foundation for compliance.





Get Essential GDPR Requirements with Discerning Digital Data

  • A clear audit trail for convenient review
  • Written records of your data processing activities
  • Detailed and accessible data logs for authority review

Beyond GDPR - The Data Opportunity

GDPR needn’t be all bad news - taking control of your data is an important step to transforming your business, getting closer to your customers and accelerating growth for a digital future.



Discerning Digital Data Solutions put data at the heart of your business to maximise your data value and mitigate risk.


  • Fast and secure data processing
  • Increased productivity with automated reporting
  • Efficiency and cost savings baked in
  • Robust foundation for business transformation



Data Tools and Services

  • Bespoke Product Builds
  • Managed Integration
  • Data Processing Transformation
  • Data Governance Services
  • Insights and Analysis
  • Expert Consultancy

Our Clients Say

"We now have confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of our data and are enjoying the cost savings that we can redeploy more effectively."

Adrian Rath, ICT Manager at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Don't Fear GDPR

We understand that data is the lifeblood of your business and that managing its flow and extracting value can be a major challenge.

GDPR is an urgent concern but it's also the perfect opportunity to take control of your data and embrace transformation.

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