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Customer-Centric Growth with Data

Taking control of your data is an important step to getting closer to your customers and accelerating your digital future.

We help businesses like yours connect datapoints for speed, security and real growth.

Discerning Digital


Your Data Managed with DataPort


We've created a unique data processing tool to unify your data flows for fast, secure processing and peace of mind.


DataPort makes your existing systems work harder for you, integrating them for realtime data transfer, executed smoothly and smartly, with triggers for crucial systems.



Serving customers
Discerning Digital

Automation for Customer Experience


Imagine your sales system triggering replacement orders automatically and your invoice system issuing the document to your customer - all automated with DataPort.

No more human error, or time spent on low level tasks.

Free up manual resource to save costs and let your people focus on your highest priority - your customers.




Realtime updates for faster processes


Updates automated for cost savings and efficiency


Redeploy resource more effectively


Data flows mapped for greater transparency and ownership

Discerning Digital



Data Transformation


With data processing taken care of, it's time to maximise your data value. 

Mapping, governance and compliance - transform your customer experience with data insights.

Our insight and analysis services will help you see new opportunities and get closer to your customers.




Create Your Data Transformation Toolkit

Data Tools and Services

Clean, secure and repurpose your data with our tools and services

Mapping and Analysis

Get expert help mapping your data flows for customer insight

Governance and Compliance

GDPR, data protection and governance - get compliant with our governance services

Our Clients Say

"We now have confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of our data and are enjoying the cost savings that we can redeploy more effectively."

Adrian Rath, ICT Manager at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

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