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TSB's banking technology failure | Discerning Digital


HOT: TSB and the Banking Legacy Technology Crisis


TSB's technology failure shows no sign of resolution as it enters its third week.


Discerning Digital's Phill Clark discusses what likely went wrong, why it could happen to you and how to upgrade your legacy systems.



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Digital product sprints with Discerning Digital

Latest: Great Idea to Buildable Product in Just Five Days 


Learn how this sports technology business took a good-on-paper idea to ready-to-build app in just five days.


No code required. Risks removed. Ready to invest.


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Top: Marking a Key Milestone in Transforming Medical Training Delivery 


Discerning Digital and The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland launch a new mobile app helping trainee clinicians take control of their learning experience to become world-class physicians.

Learn why this is a key milestone in a four-year long digital transformation partnership.


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