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RCPI: Transforming Medical Training Delivery

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI)

RCPI is one of Ireland's most prestigious medical organisations, training doctors to become world-class specialists since 1654.

With an ambitious goal to increase memberships in the global market, Discerning Digital and RCPI have partnered for over three years to create a digital infrastructure, built for growth.

Results: Driving Global Growth with Digital


  • Create a Platform for Growth: With a new digital infrastructure in place, RCPI's global growth ambitions can be realised


  • Deliver Customer Experience: Members can now enjoy a personalised experience, with tailored content and alerts


  • Drive Membership: With membership actions including bookings and payments easier to take, RCPI is seeing significant membership engagement with less administrative effort


  • Take Ownership: RCPI has greater control and understanding than ever over its data, vendors or content which can direct future growth


  • Protect Its Business: With more control over external partners, digital risks are reduced

Power and Flexibility

"Our new digital infrastructure gives us the power and flexibility to do what we set out to do - grow our membership and deliver better, more effective digital services that help our members take ownership of their learning experience to become world-class physicians.”


- Adrian Rath, ICT Manager


- Analytics review of all digital touchpoints and systems

- Journey modelling

- Qualitative and quantitative stakeholder research

- Audience definition

- Developed new user personas

- Information architecture based on data insights



Discerning Digital Transformation Process

New Digital Destinations

A new website and digital brand creates a powerful brand story.

- New digital infrastructure, built for growth

- Personalised user journeys

- Online services

- A personalised physician community

Transforming Data Processing

With an urgent need for greater ownership and security of data, we custom built Data Hub for RCPI to receive, process and deliver data from multiple third party services in a range of formats.




Data Hub


 - Complex transactions for thousands of members

 - Third party vendors integration

 - Data processes transformed

 - Data ownership secured

 - Vendor system stability improved

 - Future vendor system updates or installation protected



Data Empowerment

"The creation of Data Hub has transformed our integration capabilities and given us access to information where we need it, when we need it, securely and quickly. We now have confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of our data and are enjoying the cost savings that we can redeploy more effectively."




Transformation Powered by Integration


 - Vendors brought together to centralise online services

 - SSO login enabled across multiple vendors and services

 - First time integration at this level

 - Streamlined customer experience for timepoor medical trainees

 - User action reduced by 6-8 clicks



Data Cost Savings

"We estimate that DataHub saves us 30K per annum as a result of the automation it provides combined with the use of low cost, pay as you go cloud services built into the Amazon AWS cloud platform."

Building Digital Tools for Busy Medics on the Go

Customer service must sit at the heart of any digital transformation. We're helping RCPI to support their users become world-leading physicians. 

Doctor working in hospital

The Digital Medic: Helping Doctors Do More


  •  Streamlined User Journeys: No more searching through pages of content - new user journeys take members to the right content at the right time


  • Easy Online Services: Being able to access services through a single sign on process accessed right from the website saves valuable time


  • Membership Engagement: Members can access training materials and book courses any time, anywhere


  • Responsive, Lightweight Site: A mobile-first, flexible platform places the user at the heart of all activity, across all devices


  • Future Development Baked In: The powerful CMS and backend platform will facilitate any ongoing development, for confident future planning


  • Digital Brand Storytelling: The brand story is communicated across all digital touchpoints for a clean, consistent experience



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