Stewart Finance

Scaling a Family Business with Digital 

With a rich brand heritage of over 160 years and a strong family ethos, Stewart Finance needed a digital destination for current customers, and an engagement tool to reach new audiences. 

We partnered with them to create a vibrant new website on a platform built for growth.

1. Understanding the Brand 

We kicked the project off with a robust assessment session that helped us define the project goals and customer personas.

Gaining these vital insights into Stewart Finance's customers and plans for growth helped us define the user journeys needed, and understand how the site needed to look, work and perform.


2. De-risking Design

Design is subjective, which can make it one of the most fraught elements of any digital project.

We mitigated these risks by involving the client at the earliest stages with graphical layout drawings before moving onto more detailed HTML designs.

A modernisation of the existing brand assets and a secondary brand palette for added nuance completed the transformation.

Discerning Digital quickly grasped what we were trying to achieve as a business and built an online destination that not only elevates our offering now but gives us the flexibility to grow and develop new products in the future.

James Stewart, MD

3. The Platform, The Process

With the design direction set, the site's Word Press framework was put in place, hosted by Amazon Web Services for value and flexibility.

Having worked for many years within the Word Press platform, we were able to bring this experience to the build for a wholly customised site. No themes, no skins. 

A modular Content Management System (CMS) hosting a suite of features (widgets) allows for the quick and easy creation and amendment of content, ranging from video capability to testimonials.


4. Deploying Agile Practices

A tight six-week turnaround was made easier by implementing key agile practices.

Working to agreed two-week sprints and holding bi-weekly calls and meetings kept the client engaged and confident of the deliverables.


5. Launch

A rigorous internal Q&A process was complemented by thorough browser and device testing with an external partner for absolute trust in the site's performance.


Next Steps 

With a powerful digital destination in place, Stewart Finance is looking ahead to the next 160 years of its brand journey, with plans to explore an online customer portal, digital tools for its own teams and an ambitious digital marketing plan.


I found the team to be proactive and responsive, bringing strategic insight at the right times and was really impressed with the speed and agility of the delivered work.

James Stewart, MD

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